Rotten Apple

We’ll be at FRIGID 2017!

Rotten Apple’s new show, Escape to LA?, is part of the 2017 FRIGID Festival in NYC!

Amanda and Matthew love New York City! But NYC loves no one! Subway people cough into your ear, snowdrifts are mostly trash, and for every rat you see there are 20 you don’t. Across the country, sunny Los Angeles beckons. Can our heroes resist the siren song? Will they escape to LA?

Directed by comedian and sketch superstar Chris Booth (City Hall)! You can see it at the Kraine Theater February 15th at 10:30, the 19th at 5:10, the 23rd at 10:30, the 27th at 7:10, and March 3rd at 5:30. Tickets are available now!


Rotten Apple is Amanda Nicastro and Matthew K Sears, two comedians living in NYC and making shows together largely to cope with life. Some of it is about New York. Most of it isn’t. But they’ve both lived here too long not to say it’s made them what they are.

And that’s rotten, disgusting, hilarious apples.